Location - Plaka Hotel in Naxos, Plaka


Plaka Beach Hotel is situated on one of the cleannest and most beautiful and quiet beaches in Greece. An unpaved and not so busy road is seperating the hotel from the beach. Its peaceful atmosphere, its length-several meters long- and its fine sand makes Plaka Beach , ideal for relaxing and unforgetable holidays.

Plaka beach is located on the western side of Naxos, close to the popular beaches of Orkos, Marangas and Mikri Vigla. Although this is one of the most popular tourist resorts on the island, Plaka has managed to keep a calm and traditional atmosphere. If you drive from Plaka to the inland, you will discover the authentic wild landscape of Naxos and its lovely mountainous villages.

Plaka is 10 km south of Chora and the port and 8 km south of the airport. Book your Ferry tickets and Travel to Naxos!

The Beach

On the beach there are dunes and few trees providing shade. Of course you can rent sun umbrellas and sun beds! Plaka Beach is the most famous beaches in Cyclades, visited by everybody coming to Naxos.


Come and experience the benefits of Yoga during sunrise and sunset. Unique Pranayama, internal cleansing & Asana practices that guarantee the optimisation of health.

Sister Accommodation

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